Work Package 6

Description of work
The work in WP6 is broken down into 2 tasks:

6.1 TCS Integration into CSP Plant (DLR, SCSP, BUHL, RHM, IMDEA, PSI, m04 – m30)

  • Development of Performance Evaluation Model comprising:
    • CSP plant specification – using SCSP inner models o TCS reactor specifications using the reactor model from WP3 (temperature, pressure level, heat transfer characteristics, modulation…)
    • TCS system specification including TCS capacity and power level, heat exchangers, charging and discharging mode of operation, start-up and shut-down procedures, parasitics…
  • Development of integration strategies and evaluation for:
    • TCS hydroxide reaction system for direct steam generation with parabolic trough,
    • TCS Mn based oxide reaction system for central air receiver with tower plant.

6.2 Up-scaling Strategies (DLR, SCSP, BUHL, RHM, IMDEA, PSI, m25 – m36)

  • Technology analysis of the TCS reactor
    • Assessment of reactor performance and identification of possible improvements
    • Identification of strategy for development of industrial-scale reactor
  • Development of overall up-scaling strategy taking into consideration:
    • CSP plant layout o Charging / discharging modes of operation
    • Integration to plant control system o Plant O&M strategy
    • Plant Commissioning strategy

6.3 Techno-Economic Evaluation (DLR, SCSP, BUHL, RHM, IMDEA, PSI, m25 – m42)

  • Development of an Economical Evaluation Model based on:
    • Annual production results from Performance Evaluation Model of operating CSP plant with TCS system
    • Full TCS capital expenditure (CAPEX), including all system parts and TCS reactor, TCS material cost, construction, civil works, etc.
    • TCS operation and maintenance cost (O&M)

Evaluation of both scenarios (parabolic trough with direct steam generation and TCS hydroxide reaction system and central air receiver with TCS metal oxide reaction system) and comparison