Work Package 5

Description of work
Prior to start of the work tasks, all information gathered on the TCS materials (WP2), the development and simulation of the reactor concepts (WP3), the performance of the reaction systems in lab-scale testing (WP4) and the requirements from the CSP plant on process level (WP6) will be summarized and used as a basis for the decision of the consortium on which reaction system to demonstrate in pilot-scale.

Thereafter work in WP5 is broken down into 3 tasks:

5.1 Pilot-scale Reactor (DLR, SCSP, BUHL, m31 – m36)

  • Pilot plant environment at DLR and balance of plant components:
    • Check if the DLR-building for the pilot plant fulfils all requirements for the reactor implementation regarding current conduction for high temperature, gas steam, water and security aspects.
    • Specification of auxiliary equipment such as filters, heaters, fans, pipework, plates etc
  • Layout of 10 kW reactor for chosen reaction system:
    • Sizing of reactor (flow characteristics, energy exchange, gas streams, temperature, pressure, corrosion, material selection, reactor size, expansion of solid, water treatment).
    • Design of reactor
    • Compilation of fabrication drawings, PFD, PID, plant control concept and interlocking table.
  • Sourcing of peripherical equipment, valves, sensors, pipework and insulation. • Manufacturing of TCS pilot reactor for 10 kW.
  • Assembling of reactor system and installation of plant control systems.
  • Insertion of TCS material being delivered from project partner in WP2.
  • Functional testing of reactor system at BUHL (training of DLR personnel on operation of reactor system)
  • Integration of reactor into the test facility at DLR.

5.2 Test Facility Integration (DLR, BUHL m37 – m39)

  • Adaptation of test facility for integration of TCS reactor.
  • Delivery of reactor to DLR.
  • Commissioning at DLR by BUHL technician and automation specialist and functional testing.
  • Acceptance of the test facility with the reactor by DLR.

5.3 Performance in Pilot-scale (DLR, BUHL, USIEGEN, m40 – m42)

  • Basic testing for validation of simulation model.
  • Testing of charging and discharging cycles at different operating parameters and evaluation of reactor performance.

Duration testing with a small cycle number under defined operating conditions.