Work Package 3

Description of work
The work in WP3 is broken down into 3 tasks:

3.1 Modelling (DLR, SCSP, BUHL, RHM, IMDEA, PSI, m04 – m42)

Numerical modelling of heat/mass transfer, fluid flow and chemical reaction of the TCS reactor is a task that is continuously ongoing during the project. It encompasses the following tasks:

  • Formulation: Formulate the continuity, fluid flow, mass and energy equations for given set of boundary and initial conditions for the solid and fluid phases for both reaction systems.
  • Solution: Apply finite volume technique to solve for the heat transfer, fluid flow and chemical reaction. Perform parametric study to optimize for maximum heat transfer efficiency taking chemical reaction into account.
  • Validation: Compare numerical results with those obtained experimentally with the lab-scale system in WP4 and with the pilot-scale system in WP5 for validation of model.

3.2 Reactor Concept Development (DLR, SCSP, BUHL, IMDEA, PSI, m07 – m24)

  • Reactor concept Study:
    • Literature survey on reactor concepts for gas-solid reactions