Work Package 1

Description of work
The work in WP1 is broken down into 2 tasks:

1.1 Evaluation of Reaction Systems and Reactor Concepts (DLR, BUHL, RHM, IMDEA, PSI, USIEGEN, m01 – m03)

  • Reaction systems:
    • Detailed theoretical thermodynamic analysis using ASPEN Plus, HSC and FACTSage software
    • Experimental evaluation of state-of-the-art material for both reaction systems (hydroxide and metal oxide) by measuring thermo-physical properties with STA, structural characteristics (particle size, porosity and BET surface), expansion of volume during reaction with dilatometry, and kinetics of reaction with DCA as a function of TCS system operating conditions (total pressure, steam/oxygen partial pressure and temperature)
    • Identification and calculation of TCS specifications for both reaction systems (achievable storage densities, operating range of temperature and pressure, etc.)
  • TCS reactor concepts:
    • Literature research and creation of reactor map
    • Identification and basic evaluation of possible reactor concepts
    • Identification of interfaces between reactor and process

1.2 Definition of System Specifications and Technical Targets (SCSP, DLR, RHM, BUHL, IMDEA, PSI, USIEGEN, m01 – m03)

  • Definition of system specifications based on requirements