Project Objectives

The overall objective of the project is to realise a new efficient, reliable and economic thermochemical energy storage for concentrated solar power plants, which has the capability to contribute significantly to further cost reduction of regenerative electricity production and to widen its applicability towards intermediate-load and even base load power supply.

The scientific challenges in the field of medium and high temperature thermochemical storage development are concentrated in three areas of research: (1) chemical reaction system and storage material issues, (2) design of the TCS reactor taking heat and mass transport aspects in combination with reaction kinetics into account, (3) system integration of the TCS system into the CSP plant. All three areas are focused by the proposed TCSPower project.

The specific technical targets for the TCSPower project are:

  • To characterize the hydroxide and oxide reaction system in terms of thermo-physical properties, thermodynamic equilibrium and reaction kinetics,
  • To develop calcium hydroxide and manganese oxide materials with increased kinetics, improved heat transfer functionality and sufficient cycling stability for the desired temperature ranges,
  • To identify and develop an efficient reactor concept for the hydroxide and the redox reaction system by detailed simulation,
  • To validate the reactor concept for both reaction systems and evaluate performance in laboratory scale (100 Wh),
  • To investigate the more promising of the two reaction systems experimentally in a 10kW scale reactor with about 10 hours charging time corresponding to a stored thermal energy of 100 kWh,
  • To develop a concept for efficient integration of the TCS hydroxide system into a DSG plant and of the redox system into a tower plant with central air receiver,
  • To develop strategies for up-scaling of the TCS storage technology to industrial scale,
  • To evaluate the overall technical and economic potential of thermochemical storage systems for next generation CSP plants.