DLR is Germany´s national research center for aeronautics and space ( Its extensive research and development work in Aeronautics, Space, Energy, Transport and Security is integrated into national and international cooperative ventures. The Institute of Technical Thermodynamics based in Stuttgart conducts research and develops technology for efficient and environmentally clean energy conversion and utilisation. The research area chemical energy storage is focused on thermochemical conversions for producing and storing hydrogen and on the thermochemical storage of heat. As coordinator DLR will be responsible for the overall technical progress and management of the project. The technical tasks will include work being related to reactor development and lab-scale experimental investigation of the calcium hydroxide reaction system.

German Aerospace Center
Institue for Technical Thermodynamics
Dr. Marc Linder
Pfaffenwaldring 38-40
70569 Stuttgart

Siemens AG is a globally operating technology Company with core activities in the fields of energy, healthcare, industry, and infrastructure.

Siemens AG
91058 Erlangen

Bühler AG ( is a global technology partner for efficient production systems, engineering solutions and the associated services in the food processing industry, in chemical process engineering and in die casting. The Bühler AG will have tasks in the research and evaluation of possible reactor concepts. Further in the scale up from the lab-scale reactor to the pilot-plant reactor. The main task will be the planning, the designing and the production of the reactor for the pilot plant and to define the interface to the other CSP plant facilities.

“Eramet et Comilog Chemicals SA” (RHM), part of ERAMET (headquarters in Paris, France) is involved in Manganese activities since 1962 ( Its activities range from Manganese ores processing to very high purity Manganese salts and oxides for a wide variety of applications such as animal feed, welding, metal treatment, electronics, fungicides and portable energy. Eramet et Comilog Chemicals SA will be responsible for the development and characterization of new chemical storage materials based on manganese oxides through doping/substitution and proper shaping.

Imdea Energy has achieved a staff of 50 researchers and engineers with solid expertise in the energy field. Imdea Energy focuses its research on high temperature solar concentration systems and technologies, the sustainable production of fuels, and the development of electrochemical energy storage systems coupled to renewable energy. Within the project Imdeas main tasks are lab-scale and engineering-scale testing of thermochemical storage devices based-on metallic oxides by means of solar simulators and energy systems modelling; metal oxides synthesis and materials characterisation. 

Imdea Energía
Manuel Romero
URCJ – Centro de Apoyo Tecnológico
C/Tulipán 28933 Móstoles, Madrid, Spain

PSI is a center for multi-disciplinary research and one of the world´s leading user laboratories. Research at PSI comprises all aspects of human energy use, with the ultimate goal of promoting development towards a sustainable energy supply system. In the project PSI will model and simulate the heat and mass transfer of the chemical reaction and the gas flow. This simulation will be experimental validated. The parameters found by the simulations and experiments will be used to optimize and scale-up the reactor concepts.

Paul Scherrer Institut (PSI)
Alwin Frei
Solar Technology Laboratory
5232 Villigen, Switzerland

The University of Siegen is a young, modern academy in the centre of the border triangle NRH, Hessen and Rheinland Pfalz. The Institute for building and materials chemistry headed by Prof.Trettin has special expertise of new high-tech building materials, macroscopic to nanoscopic characterisation, analysis, advices and material testing. USIEGEN will be responsible for the characterization of the storage materials and the development and improvement of the functionality of calciumhydroxide materials. 

Institut für Bau- und Werkstoffchemie
Universität Siegen
Prof. Reinhard Trettin
57068 Siegen, Germany